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Old April 24th, 2022
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Default Redline EX Won't update

Hey all,

I have a redline ex that I'm trying to update. I recently updated my defender subscription, and when I go through defender tools I get an error saying firmware update failed and redline ex update failed. Any help is appreciated. Using a up to date MacBook, and the app recognizes the detector is connected when I open it, just won't update. Hoping I can update before I have to purchase new, have had zero issues with this since I bought it, other than the sound not working on it, but have noticed an increase in false alarms (due to BSM I assume) so would like to try update before upgrading if possible. Thanks
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Old April 24th, 2022
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You will probably have to call into Customer Service and find out why it's not updating. Are you sure you aren't already up to date?

It's been a long time since the EX was updated.
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