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Old February 15th, 2022
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Default RL 360c FW update news???????

Hello, its pretty simple, the last FW update for the RL 360c occurred last July/2021 (FW 1.9). I own 2 of these so I have to ask: Are there more FW updates in the pipeline to correct known problems with (alert ramp up speed and to decrease radar alert reaction time for both K and Ka bands + a few I didnt list) or has Escort moved on already frm the RL 360 to develop the next new product line. FW 1.9 made this a good detector, correcting the few remaining problems will move it in to being a great unit! Thanks
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I think I am done!!!

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Old February 15th, 2022
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That is a good question. I am sure they are still looking into things to do to improve the Redline. I am not sure how soon we will see anything. I know personally I had recommended that there be some way to remove filtering completely from KA Band, especially since we are able to segment that Band. I really think with K Band that a little delay is something we are going to have to live with in order to deal with all the false noise out there. But with KA if we could have a feature that is equivelent to RDR off was it was on the older unit this could hopefully improve reaction time on KA Band to instantaneous. Hopefully this is something they are able to do in the future. Even without this though the Redline is a great detector. We are really hair splitting here even discussing this. Real world you aren't typically going to ever see quick trigger shots fast enough that this detector wont catch. It's a fast detector and able to filter aggressively while still delivering quick reaction. But for those Nerds like me, could you give us that ability to open it up wide open? That would be cool.
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