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Old September 29th, 2021
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Default MAXcam 360c: First impressions

So I’ve only had my new MAXcam 360c for about 24 hours and I wanted to share some of my first impressions of the unit. I have not done any extensive testing by any means, but I do want to highlight some of the design and functionality "features."

The Pro’s
  • The design and integration of the hardware is really nice compared to the Max 360c and M1 combo I just retired. It’s a sleek, elegant design that is about as wide as the very first ESCORT radar detector with the screw-on light bulb. Bigger, but not too big - especially if it's going directly under your rearview mirror using a BlendMount.
  • The performance seems to be just as good as the Max 360c with much more improved filtering.
  • The buttons were well though out and it's much easier to navigate through the settings although I still like to use the app(s) instead.

The Con’s
  • The firmware update process is absolute garbage. You have to use the new (and very buggy) Drive Smarter app. You can't even use Detector Tools Pro. I am not having issues getting the Wi-Fi to work, but I am having major issues getting the firmware to actually update. The app downloads the firmware to your mobile device and then has to connect over to the MAXcam 360’s Wi-Fi network and upload it directly. This means that the firmware will not send to the unit over your vehicle's hotspot that both devices are already connected to. It makes no sense why they did it this way as the Max 360c can download the firmware directly over the Internet. I have given up after 24 hours of trying at least 2 dozen times to go from firmware version 1.2 to 1.5. I'm sure they will fix this, but they should have done more user acceptance testing before releasing it as it is today.
  • While the camera hardware is much better over the M1, that's where the the positivity ends. Like the M1, you have to connect directly to MAXcam 360's Wi-Fi network and access the video content using the Drive Smarter app. In other words, you cannot access the video content even if both devices are connected the same Wi-Fi network! This is a major disappointment, so it looks like removing the microSD card is the only real functional way to download your videos.
  • The only thing integrated about this unit is that both hardware functions are in the same physical device. What's more, the only real integration is the Drive Smarter app which has a long way to go, but ESCORT has already mentioned that full features are coming.
  • Despite that the ESCORT Live app has settings for those of us with ESCORT's laser shifters like the ZR5 and ZW5, they do not exist in the Drive Smarter app. You will still need use the old Escort Live app if you want to tweak your JTK timing, for example.
  • While the Drive Smarter app is more integrated than using the ESCORT Live and M1 apps, the end-user experience really isn't much better as of right now. Some of the settings are not even in there at the time of this writing.


If I hadn't already sold my Max 360c and M1 combo, I would consider returning this unit until they have fixed a lot of the issues that the first adopters are experiencing; however, I do want to give ESCORT the benefit of the doubt as they do seem to care about their customers and they have always been good to me. I think they just rushed this unit and the Drive Smarter app out to market a little too early. Feel free to reply with any questions.

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