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Old September 16th, 2021
atc250r atc250r is offline
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Default Poor KA range

Bought my Redline new in 2016. The unit has been a complete animal on KA, often sniffing out KA guns >10 miles away (I live on the flat, bald prairies). However, I have had 2 encounters recently where Iíve had very poor KA range (only about 1 mile, wide open flat terrain, straight-on Constant-On encounters). Encounters like this previously gave me 10 miles range.
What could be wrong with my Redline to be acting up on KA range?
K band range is still great, itís just KA that is lacking.
Any ideas?
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Old September 17th, 2021
Butcher318 Butcher318 is offline
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Could be a new officer to the area that prefers to run with the radar off until he spots a car approaching then flips it on. Or maybe your Redline does need service. Usually a Redline will self calibrate and then show an error message when something is wrong. While not ideal if you have a second detector you could run both as far apart as possible just to check.
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