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Smile Escort Redline 360 C and Max 360c, Which is better?

Escort Redline 360 C and Max 360c, Which is better?

What is the different between this 2 models?

Anyone know? Please let me know..........
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Old 4 Days Ago
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The R360c has stealth, longer range, and costs more.
The M360c is not stealthy, a bit less range (but still great), and costs less.
The M360c also has a rear x-band antenna and can display front/rear arrows whereas the R360c cannot.

As far as in actual use: Users of the M360c seem to report less BSM falses (especially Ka), greater reactivity time to be able pick up Instant-On radar, as well as better arrow sensitivity. The M360c can also be run with all band segments operative whereas the R360c has certain band segments turned off by default for "performance reasons". They can be turned back on however.

If you drive in VA, DC, or anywhere stealth might be helpful the R360c would probably be the one to get. If you drive in NJ, OH or anywhere X-band is used the M360c would probably be the one to get.
Aside from these state specific operations: The M360c seems to have a slight operational edge (I/O, Arrow sensitivity, BSM rejection, all band segments operate in default); The R360c has the edge for absolute distance detection. With mostly suburban or urban driving the M360c would seem to shine. Mostly long range rural driving the R360c would give a distance edge. With either one you can't go wrong.

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Both Max 360c and Redline 360c customers have Posted Speed Limit (PSL) problems with WiFi. I get "--" for the PSL. If you choose Bluetooth you will get the actual PSL. I get the same results in my 2018 Ford F-150 and my 2021 Chevy Suburban. And yes, I made sure it's connected to both vehicles WiFi. This is my second Max 360c that I have bought in two years. I bought this one on August 21, 2020 because my first one got stolen out of my truck.

Seems like Escort has known about this issue for a year or two but has done nothing to fix it! This is very frustrating for the price we paid for the Max 360c and even more for the Redline 360c
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