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Old October 18th, 2010
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Originally Posted by EscortRadar View Post
You should keep your Best Buy receipt in case the detector ever needs serviced. We are fairly flexible handling detectors with worn serial numbers but as others said we can get the serial for the detector electronically should the label become that worn.

Placing the ESP sticker on the detector isn't absolutely necessary.
I greatly appreciate the input. Always best to hear it from the horse's mouth. For the record, I would never expect service unless it failed electronically. My major concern was, without a readable number and a non functioning unit, how is Escort able to verify the RD is indeed the one purchased? Can you verify a dead unit can still pull the info? If so, I won't be the least bit concerned, and end of story.
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Old October 18th, 2010
laxman420 laxman420 is offline
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speaking from my background in IT even if the unit is not functioning they should still be able to get the serial from it. unless the component that stores the serial is completely damaged. might have to pull out the integrated circuit that it is stored on but most likely they would be able to get it from a non functioning unit.

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Old October 18th, 2010
ebruder ebruder is offline
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Originally Posted by Drivesafe View Post
Looking for a problem? Did you read anything above? I'm safeguarding my investment and ensuring I take the necessary steps to make sure that 2-3 years from now, if service is needed, it can be obtained. What are you not understanding here? And why are you even posting responses without any positive contributions?

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Old October 19th, 2010
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We can get the number even if it doesn't power on. If the unit is destroyed to the point that we couldnt, then the unit was probably subjected to mis-use which the warranty would not cover.

I understand your concern but with ESP plans and a valid POP we will cover a 9500ix for you. If you sent in two 9500ix's for repair at two separate times with only one ESP on record for you, then we would have a problem

Escort Radar customer service is available from 9am-5:00pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608 or you can fill out a repair form and we will contact you.
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Old 2 Weeks Ago
flylow7f39 flylow7f39 is offline
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My understanding is that the sticker is not absolutely necessary. Seems Escort keeps records of what was purchased and can look it up.
Originally Posted by EscortRadar View Post
Originally Posted by Drivesafe View Post
I purchased the 3 year Gold Package. I get a sticker in this package with directions to mount the sticker on the bottom of the RD. A notice on the direction states "Damage to the sticker may void your service agreement".

I'm grateful that Escort even offers this extended warranty, but expecting a sticker to stay on a small object exposed to extreme heat, wind, and friction when being removed and put away for up to 3 years is either being over optimistic that this is "super sticker with powers only desired, and coveted by other stickers" OR Escort knows this sticker has a high potential to fall off or be damaged due to the aforementioned elements. Its bad enough I almost can't read my serial number after only 4 months of removing it and putting it in its case after use. But to keep a sticker and serial number with ink equal to that of M&M candy text is asking a bit too much.

Escort, would I void my warranty if I apply a clear piece of tape over my serial number to keep it from further wear? And don't you think it would be best to keep that fragile sticker in a safe place(like a safety deposit box) and apply it only if service is needed?

Otherwise, does Escort have a better way of dealing with this in case I have a repair, like reading the serial number off the electronics, or keeping records that I did in fact purchase the extended warranty? I just think the sticker and weak serial number labeling is a bit shady. Thoughts?
Placing the ESP sticker on the detector isn't absolutely necessary.
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