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Old January 1st, 2021
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Originally Posted by malventano View Post

Speaking as someone who was certified in the repair of nuclear instrumentation, I can say that solder joints are absolutely supposed to last more than just a few years before failing. This appears to be a clear case of defective design, specifically, it is likely a lack of proper strain relief on the solder connections.
Having been involved in the design and manufactured of instrumentation for the nuclear power industry, military electronics and commercial electronics there is a huge difference in the soldering of commercial products compared to soldering for high reliability industries like nuclear or military.

From the outset of electronics manufacturing solder was comprised of approximately 60% tin and 40% lead. This tin/lead solder is easy to solder, is very reliable and is very forgiving of process variations. About 25 to 30 years ago the European Union passed a directive that mandated no commercial products be placed on the market that contained anymore than trace amounts of lead. This forced the entire electronics industry to make a huge shift in the way they solder. The result was a solder that was comprised of of tin, silver and copper. This new formulation requires much higher soldering temps which results in a process that is less forgiving. To hot and you damage parts and to cold and you get bad joints and the delta between them is much tighter making the opportunity for bad joints or parts with latent damage much greater. The tin, silver, copper solder also age hardens making it get brittle over time and have a propensity to crack resulting in hard or intermittent failures. Since tin lead could no longer be used to plate leads on components the shift was to pure tin. Pure tin has a propensity to grow electrical conductive whiskers over time that can short out circuits (run away Toyotas from a few years ago were from tin whiskers).

The nuclear, military and industrial industries still use tin lead to avoid these issues.

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Old January 22nd, 2021
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Great updated information and comments. That said the Redline has been replaced by two versions now. It won't be long and they probably will no longer service the first gen Redline if they have not already done so. It appears that blown speakers and failed solder were the two low points of this great old warrior.
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Old January 22nd, 2021
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Originally Posted by Butcher318 View Post
It won't be long and they probably will no longer service the first gen Redline if they have not already done so.
Redline (original) is currently on the list of repairable devices.
"List of Repairable Devices

Devices that Escort currently supports with repair services:


Max 360C
Max 360
Redline EX
Redline 360c
Escort IXc
Max 2
8500 x-50 (M4 only)*
Redline (original)
Escort Ix
Solo S4 & S3

** Max ci & Max ci 360, Ix-CI & Platform models (service provided by Authorized Specialists only)

Time to upgrade? Click here for Trade-In Program details!"
Repair Info and Pricing

To obtain service on a repairable device, please fill in and submit the Service Request Form, below. For in warranty items, there is no charge other than for shipping the item to us. For out of warranty services, please consult the repair options below before submitting a Service Request Form.

Tier 1 repair ($39.95)
Covers outer case replacement, speaker replacement, software updates and other minor issues. *only 1 issue is covered at this price. For multiple issues, please consider Tier 2 or 3 repair level.

Tier 2 ($99.95)
Covers any reported internal issue
90-day warranty
Paid return shipping

Tier 3 (Premium) Service ($139.95)
Covers any internal reported issue
Full inspection and testing along with any additional necessary repairs
Sensitivity check and calibration if necessary
Software updates
Replacement cord and mount
Paid return shipping
Full 1-year factory “bumper to bumper” warranty

Our best value!

Repair Form

In order to provide the best service to our customers, we request you fill out the following form it its entirety. We will contact you with further instructions as soon as possible. Our goal is to make your service experience as effortless as possible. Thank you.

Alternately, you are welcome to call us at 800-543-1608, option 2 on the menu to make arrangements.
__________________________________________________ ______________________________________
Moderators here are not Escort employees.

If you need immediate help give Escort Radar customer service a call right after they open at 1-800-543-1608, option 2, available from 9am-5:30pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri. Wait for the pause following the message and use the option for a call back.

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