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Old April 25th, 2015
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Default My 2nd new Max2

This is my second post. I went ahead and got the max2 after looking for insight from my last post. Ok, so my first Max2 from best buy seemed to work great. Had a traffic radar trailer to test with. Off axis was phenomenal. 12 days in to our time together the screen started to pulse from high to low brightness. Dang. Ran to best buy and exchanged for another Max2. Here's where it gets interesting. The sticky mount from the 1st one was still on the windshield. Whoops. Anyhow I put the new max2 on the old mount. It was TIGHT. No wiggle at all great right? Well, I couldn't get max2 off off it. Had to take down the whole sticky cup to get the mount off. So I put on the second mount. There is a little wiggle. Seems ok to me and the release works fine. Ok, like I said, I had the first one 12 days. I got a lot of the Falses locked out. I've become familiar with where the RD will alert. So this new one, is giving POP falses. Twice in one afternoon. The first one on a long stretch of road with a lot of traffic. Ok maybe I missed the LEO. The second at a different time and a different road. POP. Not a soul in sight. Um. Wow. I live in a small town. I'm actually an ex LEO From here. I was county. All this was city. Strictly stalker. Now it's been a few years for me. But I don't remember ever using POP. EVER. Maybe the city guys are using it now. I'm not sure. Is there a problem with this new Max2. Seems odd, doesn't it. Did I get another dud? I would love to hear the groups thoughts.
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Old April 25th, 2015
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POP falses are common.

Originally Posted by DiveBumm View Post
IO or I/O Instant On Radar: Is a term associated when a LEO waits until the last possible opportunity and then turns on his or her radar giving the target vehicle no advanced warning. This is done typically when the LEO knows the vehicle is speeding and therefore is less concerned with warning any other vehicles down the road as they have their target in sight.
Source: Speed Trap Hunter

POP Radar - MPH Industries first introduced POP radar technology (also known as the Super Bee) in its radar guns in 1999 as a way to defeat radar detectors. Today MPH's radar guns while operating in POP mode, can defeat over 85% of the radar detectors in use today.

POP mode works by sending out a quick burst of pulse radar at approximately 67 milliseconds. MPH Industries admits that while in this mode, that the displayed speed of a vehicle may not be accurate. They recommend that the officer only use this mode to obtain an estimate of speed from the target vehicle, establish a vehicle tracking history, and then switch to normal mode to obtain the exact speed.

Therefore POP mode is seldom, if ever used by law enforcement and should not be a major concern as an "important feature" in considering your radar detector.
In fact, most radar detectors that have the POP mode have it disabled by default, as activating POP on detectors, opens it up to receive a false alerts.
Source: Radar Busters

QT Quick Trigger: Is a technique where a LEO may quickly trigger a radar (on then off) to check the speed of an oncoming vehicle while attempting to not alert detectors that may be in vehicles further down the road. QT is basically a manual version of POP as it is controlled by a human rather than a microprocessor. QT time can range from approx .5 seconds to 1 second as each attempt may vary due to the human condition.
Source: Speed Trap Hunter

There is a listing of types of radars as well as acronyms used on the forum at: I hope this helps.

Originally Posted by Nine_c1 View Post
Excellent rundown of IO, POP and QT.

The only thing I would change is the time necessary to pull a Quick Trigger. It is possible.......depending on the Radar itself, atmospheric conditions, size and range of target, moving vs stationary, etc........for a LEO to get your speed on a QT pull in .2 seconds or slightly less!

Guns like the Stalker ATS and Kustom Talon are particularly lethal in this respect since they activate the Radar with a trigger pull, and deactivate the Radar with release of the trigger. I've seen video of these guns snagging a speed in what I suspect is right about .2 seconds.

To be on the safe side.........I would lower Veil Guy's estimate of a QT down to .2 to 1.0 seconds.

Here is a terrific video of the Kustom Talon pulling QT's down in this time range and capturing speeds.

The Bel STi-R is catching them too!!!!! Goes to show that a Belscort product CAN BE effective at catching even the fastest Quick Trigger pull with an option like BAND SEGMENTATION!

Originally Posted by EscortRadar View Post
Good point Snareman, but the officer's integrity is a contention regardless of the speed measuring technology employed, or lack thereof for that matter. Thankfully by far most officers are honest when issuing citations.

Should quality detector usage become the norm (not cheap detectors, aka ticket notifiers) then methods of radar operation by police to intentionally defeat detectors would surely rise. Currently this is not the case however, there is no shortage of unprotected drivers exceeding the posted speed limit for police to pick off all day long.

POP detection usage comes down to statistics/probabilities. You will receive consistent false alerts with POP enabled on any detector while it is very unlikely that you will be targeted by POP. The consistent falsing will then de-sensitize you to a valid POP threat. Odds are if you enabled POP detection, then were hit with POP, you would probably ignore it as a false alarm.

Further compounding the odds, POP detection enabled will slow the detection response to other radar bands leaving you more vulnerable to regular radar use (the detector has to constantly go back to the POP frequencies to look for a signal, then continue on with the normal scans).
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Moderators here are NOT Escort employees.

If you need immediate help give Escort Radar customer service a call right after they open at 1-800-543-1608, option 2, available from 9am-5:30pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri. Wait for the pause following the message and use the option for a call back.
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Old April 29th, 2015
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POP falses are common if POP detection is turned on. POP detection is off by default which I recommend as you will get a POP false anytime someone gets near you with a cheap radar detector. If POP detection is off and you are getting POP alerts then there is something very wrong with this Max2. It should be replaced or serviced. If you would like it serviced then please call us at the number in my signature below.

Escort Radar customer service is available from 9am-5:00pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608 or you can fill out a repair form and we will contact you.
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Old April 29th, 2015
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Default It was defective

This particular Max 2, turned out to be defective. I now also have a redline, I was testing them against a KA mobile trailer. The max2 quite literally and suddenly stopped picking up radar of any kind. Both KA and K. A local school has stationary K band signs up indicating speed. I was going back-and-forth between the KA trailer and the K band stationary signs. I did a reset twice and called customer service. While I was still out with both detectors. After troubleshooting with customer service it was determined that I should take this unit back to best buy. I went ahead and exchanged the max2 for what is now my third Max2. My first original Max2 was purchased April 11 of this year. While I have only had this third Max2 for one day it seems to be an especially hot one! Hopefully this one will stand the test of time. If needed/requested I can go into greater detail as to how I have each radar detector set up. The redline is segmented 2/5/8 with everything else off.
As a sidenote, the redline is simply a beast!

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