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Old May 10th, 2021
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Default same luck as mine?

I made what I feel is now a mistake purchasing a redline EX. I received it lat august 2019 as I was going on a trip. I already had a tried and true 9500ix but figured I'd what I thought would be and upgrade. I had the detector for my September 2019 trip the put it in it's case as I didn't need it in the snow and rain in my area. I broke it out march 2020 only to find it stated it had a bad front antenna. Due to covid. I had to wait for the repair facility to open then sent it in on my dime for shipping to be repaired. It came back poorly packaged and scratched up. which I complained about but of course never received a reply . The unit sat in it's case till today. I thought I'd. take the Vette for a drive. only to find. the front antenna is bad again. I spoke with escort. it seams they only warranty their work 90 days. customer service looked through the records .it stated they replaced the antenna. I told the lady of my frustration as I have a couple 9500's NEVER had an issue. But it seems the redline EX is a $600 POS. I asked if I could upgrade to a working unit only to find. they give you $175 for your $600 unit. So now I need to decide if I'm going to have it refurbished as that seems the only avenue to get this piece of junk working again .. I think I'm done with escort. very poor customer service for the amount we are paying ..
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