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Originally Posted by Aixelsyd View Post
@amolinaro ----- Are you still rolling with the Max 3 after the 1.4 update which obviously we don't have the inside skinny on yet.

If so what do you think of the detector now after updating? Is it working out for you better on the false alerts and any other issue you were having?
I mainly use my Redline 360c as my daily but I have put roughly 40 miles on the Max3 with v1.4 firmware. It remains fairly quiet and the known Ka falses (like pulling into my garage) haven't happened so I'm hopeful.

Just waiting to hear officially from Escort if this is in fact a new firmware update and what's included in the update if so.
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I need to update mine - glad I checked to see if it was out. I have been really impressed with the Max 3 I picked up around town so far. Coming from my old 9500ix, then IX... I just needed something that was reliable but ready for the modern age and didn't false every 10 feet, without spending $800. I did not need 360 arrows, or wifi as I will not use it. I have yet to really see a false on this one, on the 1.3 FW. maybe I saw one this week. It was good to still have a reliable RD in the escort lineup that I love that didn't cost as much as a laptop for me.
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