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Old August 17th, 2018
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Originally Posted by RoadDogg View Post
It would be nice if Escort would update the IVT/BSM filter on the iX. The iX IVT filter could definitely use some improvement. The iX will very often give a full instant on K-band warning when encountering a Honda/Acura, Cadillac, certain GM mid size SUVs, or Dodge/Chrysler BSM systems, and it is extremely annoying. Escort says on the box the IVT system is updatable, and Escort on social media the IVT system is updatable; however, it has been noted in another forum that since the iX is not a true digital detector, and the iX IVT filter cannot be updated due to those limitations. Escort stated recently on social media that the IVT filter is updatable, but Escort does not have any plans to update the iX IVT filter. Hmmm. My iX that I bought in October of 2016 for $499 has been in my junk drawer with my old Escort 8500 x50 for several months. I know I am not the only iX owner that is extremely disappointed with the lack of updates and support for the iX by Escort.

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Sell it if you can as the issues have persisted for over a year with promises but no fixes from Escort. I sold mine and the buyer seeks me out each weekend at the flea market trying to sell it back to me
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