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I live in El Mirage. I manage a security company and come in contact with a lot of Law Enforcement. I can tell you only about 30% of AZ DPS use any type of a radar gun. There is a laser trap sometimes if you are on Olive heading east bound as you cross over the bridge at Grand Ave, it is two Phoenix motorcycle cops. If you want to get K and KA hits cruse up Lincoln Dr. in Paradise Valley or the 101 in Scottsdale. I have seen a Glendale Police sitting in the dark heading west bound on Northern Ave just west of Grand, but he keeps his radar gun down till you are right upon him. I noticed him back in March and I was able to slow down just in time right as he pointed his KA band gun at me, may have gotten and ticket if not for my 360. All of the photo cameras are gone in El Mirage, the city council voted to have them removed at the first of the year. I know Paradise Valley, Surprise, Scottsdale, Tempe and a few other suburbs of Phoenix still use them. I also travel to Queen Creek a lot and along Ellsworth Rd. by the service roads of Williams Field the Maricopa County like to sit in the dark, sometimes they have radar and sometimes they don't. I also noticed a speed camera on Ellsworth Rd. at Pecos Rd. I know Scottsdale used to have a KA band speed trap if you are south bound on Scottsdale Rd. between Thompson Peak and the 101, I don't know if they still do because I have not traveled that way in a while. I have encountered a AZ DPS on the 101 going west bound coming up on the 51 exit, he was using a KA band radar gun lucky my 360 alerted me in time to avoid a ticket.

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