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Originally Posted by marinerjoe View Post
Do nothing as it will continue to alert based on proximity and not the road traveled.
Thank you ! So Iíve been running through the settings. The top ones are pretty straight forward I seem to have read enough to understand them. The radar types and frequencies has me stumped right now. I donít want to turn something off and risk getting a ticket. But I also donít want to turn something on that isnít really used anymore getting to many false alerts. Iíll mainly be using this in NY PA and NJ. Any ideas for customization ? I found a site vortex radar that has some settings as well as the guys own personal settings. X was off from the factory but I turned it on because when I searched the internet it says NY uses X. Any ideas for me ? I appreciate all the help and replies from the community. My eyes are tired from trying to learn to much to fast lol. But Iím sitting in the car getting paid for it. Supposed to be driving snow plow but thereís no more snow today so I get to skate lmao
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