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Originally Posted by DomDoobie View Post
Thanks ! I have another question. I’m driving on the highway. The detector is warning me of red light and speed cameras that are on nearby streets and the service road. One question is since I’m not on the actual street with the camera should I tap there or not there. I’m afraid if I tap not there it won’t warm me of that particular camera if I’m on the actual service road. I live in New York and they are everywhere lol !
I also live in NY and that is the #1 MOST ANNOYING problem with ALL of the GPS based escort radar detectors!

Escort has had this EXACT problem for the LAST 14+ YEARS!!! In ALL of their GPS radar detector products since the 9500ix (2008).

There is an EASY fix for this problem, but escort refuses to do it even though it won't cost them a penny (other then a little one-time software programming)

This can be easily solved by adding a "Maximum Speed" setting for the red-light camera (RLC) alerts. This way you could set it to "60", so if you are driving faster than 60, it will not alert you to RLC alerts because it will assume you are driving on a highway that does not have red lights on it. And if you are traveling less than 60, it will assume you are NOT on a highway and are probably on a regular road that has RLCs on it, so it WILL notify you.

This simple feature would make using escort radars much more enjoyable and SAFER because when a radar detector emits too many false alerts, you tend to start blocking them out, which can cause you to block out the important ones too!

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