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Originally Posted by mtime View Post
Vortex's site is a good resource. My understanding is NJ uses X, not NY or PA. Also, cameras in NYC which Defender or Live Alerts can alert to. My suggestion is to run K and Ka wide initially until you have some experience and get a sense for real versus false. Then you can segment. Escort defaults the RL360 on Ka to 2/5/8; some add 4/6 for drifting. It is a good idea to run a wide as you can for starters. Enjoy
Thanks ! Yes Iím using it locally to and from work to get a better idea. Iíve been confirming red light and speed cameras on the app as I go along. I did turn X on because when I make a casino run itís in PA and I go through Jersey lol. Iíll check 4 and 6 and turn them on
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