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Originally Posted by 04'gto View Post
Just wondering... does anyone else also feel like there has been a lot less radar activity lately. I have the Redline and I know its working when I go past the speed signs and when I can clearly see cops using radar when it is on. However, I fell like there has been a lot less K and KA band lately. What do you all think? Also, how is laser in the Glendale-Phoenix and sometimes Scottsdale area?
Every since the law change to ban Red Light cameras it appears all radar activity has gone down. I have researched this phenomenon and found the following:

With the ban of Red Light Cameras the reason for banning them is not just because people wanted it. It is against the law in Arizona for any township, city or county to specifically enforce "code" for the purpose of enhancing revenue. We were not told this when the law came into effect. The State Supreme Court was involved and gave their opinion. Yes, people wanted them gone but better was the addition of "no revenue enhancement" from traffic violations.

So......... It does seem to me that "total" radar enforcement has gone down. However, I-10 from Casa Grande to Eloy is still active.
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