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Originally Posted by The Only Sarge View Post
Of all the times I have been shot/"shifted"/dropped anchor and slowed to PSL/hit mute twice....can I recall maybe 2-3 seconds elapsing.... tops....most shots come pretty much point blank anyway....2-3 seconds and your past them
If you have ever been behind a laser gun....long distance shots are rather difficult to aim that lil bitty (technical term) red dot on your target from very far away....most Fudd's shoot when your pretty close to 4 seconds is an eternity.
Shifter Systems like ZW5/ZR5 are illegal in Texas to use (wrist slap at worse). So we do what we can not to draw attention to those of us using killing the system ASAP after dropping anchor to let FUDD get a reading.....but oftentimes I am past them and they just move on to other cars without batting an eye.
I would really love to see Escort announce what gun is being used like all other manufacturers.
I,too, would love to see them add that feature as I'd love to better understand what my local units run with in an effort to stay up on the latest releases for our countermeasures.
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