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Originally Posted by geoorlando View Post
Apologies for a couple of newbie questions. I have the Max CI360 installed (which I just purchased):

1- I was told that I had the latest laser shifters. The app says ZR3 but I also see on the forums a ZR5. What is the difference?

2- What is the correct button sequence to check the firmware. I tried holding down MRK and Mute while powering up but that doesn't seem to work. Do I need to keep them all held down? Something else?

As an aside, I do have have the latest version of Detector Tools Pro (.24) and successfully completed an update.


Yes you have the ZR5 disregard the App. It does still say ZR3 but you have ZR5. Itís an updated jammer that addresses modern technology that are now threats

As for the firmware I can never remember which button you hold for that. Lol. I was also thinking that you hold mark/mute while powering up.

Flylow or TBNTX can help with this or Escort Radar himself once he gets back to work Monday.
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