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Hello Hugh,

It is a vicious circle if it's no longer possible to access the "Settings" button...

The "Restore" button (factory reset) is only available on the second settings screen :

And the "Calibration" option only on the last screen :

I think using a paper clip to make a hard reset will not solve this problem.
This function is only used to reboot Passport iQ when it's blocked or no longer responds, but doesn't reset any parameter.
Extract from the documentation :

My idea, but this is only a hypothesis, is to let the iQ totally discharge in battery mode.
Do not power it with smartcord and wait until it no longer starts at all.
Then when the battery is completely discharged, reconnect it again with the smartcord and then turn it on.
Maybe it will restart as at a factory reset, and you will need to set all parameters again, including calibration.
Escort Passport iQ rev 2.8.2 (20120912.1)