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Originally Posted by DJ23 View Post
I just renewed my Escort Live Subscription and received an e-mail with instructions on how to receive my activation code. Right now I can't mesh my Escort Live with my Max 360 CI and I was hoping that by activating the code it will work. The problem is, is that this isn't as user friendly as it was in the past. The link takes you to a "SendOwl" web site and ask you if you want to sign up and pay for an account. Why would I need to do that. I just paid for a new subscription to Escort Live. This should be easier. Bottom line is I can't stand all of these hoops you have to jump through now just get a subscription activated and update your detector. If anyone can offer any advice let me know. Otherwise I'll have to call Escort back again and see why this has been made so difficult.

I will have to double check but Escort has not been charging anything for ESCORT LIVE service. What they have been selling is the DEFENDER DATABASE subscription. Two different things. I know Escort would re-new Escort Live for everyone for free up until 2020. Maybe someone can chime in here and confirm this has or has not changed.
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