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If the false Ka's are repeatable, then I'd say that the source could be other than police radar. For erratic, non-repeatable events, I would expect a hardware issue. I had to return my first three 360c's for false Ka. Each time it was a hardware issue "Tighten Antenna Casting Screws, re-solder connections". I finally received a unit that has been working flawlessly since I received it.

I do, occasionally, get false Ka's in a certain area of Providence, around Providence College and surrounding streets. Any time I drive near that area, I know that the Ka band will alert. It's very quick, doesn't linger and is definitely repeatable. When I had the hardware issues, the Ka's happened anywhere along my drive, in my garage and sometimes no false alerts for a day or so. There was no rhyme, or reason and it was both annoying and very frustrating. Each time, ER Customer Service was professional, courteous and very helpful.

One CSR told me that there had been a bad "batch" of detectors (which was about a month's worth of manufacturing dates). I'm not sure how quickly they are pushing out the Redlines, but manufacturing problems are certainly not out of the picture.

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