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slateef slateef is offline
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jdong, that makes a lot of sense. I wonder if Escort sells the display and control unit separately?

Thanks for your response/help. I'll contact an authorized dealer/installer and see that they say.
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jdong jdong is offline
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Default My new car has Max Ci 360, need help

Iím not sure about if/how parts are sold separately but yeah contacting an authorized installer would be the best path forward.

Good luck ó the Max Ci is really an excellent system and arguably one of the best all in one systems out there. Itís too bad that the previous owner made some interesting choices but hopefully you can get that fixed!
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I also express the importance to set the shifting time to 4 seconds because if you dont shut off your jammers when targeted by laser you are risking a pull over, an inspection of your vehicle, hassle, and possible obstruction of justice charge if you jam the officer and dont allow him to get your speed.
Slow down in 4 seconds to posted speed limit, kill your system by pressing double tap mute button or setting 3 seconds timer, allow officer to acquire your speed and move on.
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