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Old 6 Days Ago
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Default Excessive Mobile Camera Alerts

For a bit over a month, I've been getting exclusively Live Mobile Camera (yellow camera icon) alerts on my detector when it's connected via wifi. Since it's often sending me these alerts at locations where I just drove and saw a K or KA signal, I have started driving with the App open and connected. What I've noticed, is my Detector will get a "Live Mobile Camera" alert, while the app will get an X, K, or KA alert. With the app open, it quickly overrides what the detector received from wifi so I only see the mobile camera alert for a moment. However, this seems to confirm that the detector is interpreting the alerts it's getting from wifi incorrectly.

Is anyone else seeing this behavior?
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Old 3 Days Ago
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I'm getting a bunch that only appear on wifi. When I run bluetooth and the app they don't show up. They seem to be at fixed intersections with no red light cameras.
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