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Old August 5th, 2009
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Default My recent trip to Montreal 8/1-8/3/2009

Now that I am in the comfort of my own home again, I can tell of my journey through NY, Ontario and Quebec this past weekend. Surprisingly, enforcement was very light to say the least. My average rate of speed was about 80-90 MPH (almost 140 KPH - a $295 ticket in Ontario if caught ). On my way up to Montreal on 8/1, I ran into several K-band drones. One funny story: a biker dude was tailing me for awhile heading east on I-90 past Rochester, when I started picking up a brief Ka alert. He had disappeared into the distance awhile before. A few minutes later I located the source of the alert: a NY State Trooper, with that same biker as an unwilling contributor to the state coffers! Also, starting near exit 40 there is a construction zone that stretches several miles. I came up on one of those K-band drones, and right behind it was a NY State Trooper running LIDAR. I picked up a hit on my ZR4 and cruised right through at about 65 (PSL in a construction zone is 55 - no workers were around).

4 hours later (including a 30 minute wait to get through customs in the Thousand Islands) I entered Ontario, where immediately I encountered what appeared to be a member of the OPP with another unwilling customer, and my first ever encounter with a Spectre (mounted high on the passenger side of the windshield)! That was it on the way up there. Through Saturday evening and Sunday, I encountered two SQ patrol vehicles, none of which appeared to have any radar or Spectre units outfitted in them.

Monday was the return trip home. I encountered NO enforcement through Quebec at all. Ontario was different, however. A little ways inside the border (I can't remember which town it was), I was travelling a good distance behind an OPP patrol vehicle. It was getting ready to set up a speed trap for vehicles heading east on the 401. No Spectre unit in that car that I could see. As soon as I passed it, I picked up a brief K-band alert, apparently from that same car clocking eastbound vehicles. A little ways past that, I picked up a laser hit. I was unable to verify its source, as no patrol cars or officers were around, so I attribute it to sunlight and called it a false alert. As I approached the exit to get to customs, another OPP officer had a customer. As soon as I passed, the "customer" pulled away, and the OPP threw his lights on real quick! His radar unit was not on, and again no Spectre unit that I could see.

Enforcement through NY on the return trip yesterday was headed eastbound only. Although there was one Ka hit I picked up coming over the bridge on the US side...a trooper was headed northbound through the 1000 Islands.

Well, there it is in a nutshell. Relatively uneventful enforcement wise.

On another note, I left my ZR4 in "shift mode" for the entire trip. I tried setting it to "receive only" mode, however when I did the rear head would constantly alert when there was no source of light or LIDAR around. I pressed the Mute button, and my STi would display "Block Off". Could there possibly be an issue? Leaving the ZR4 in "shift mode" alleviated that problem, but I ran the risk of getting caught if shot from behind in "receive mode". Any thoughts???
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