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Old November 10th, 2014
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Default Review and Install of STi-R Plus

I hope Escort doesn't mind my posting this here. The Beltronics forum is dead. I will post a link to this from various forums.
Everything I did here may be of interest to potential 9500ci owners.

Overall I'm happy with it and my install.

This is installed in a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited.
Probably took 8 hours total. I did it in phases. I put it on the dash and just hooked up a Cigarette Lighter the first day. Then I did the Receiver another day, controls another day etc.
I redid/moved some things a few times. Probably would take me 3 hours tops if I had to do over again.

I'm giving the STi-R Plus 4.5 out 5 Stars though. I'd give Max a 3 and a 9500ix a 4.5 (for what they are targeted to be).

I always hesitated installing one of these because of how invasive it was. Especially on a $40K vehicle. This was completely benign. No way I'd let a "Pro" touch my Jeep.
I also didn't like the idea of a $1300.00 unit exposed to the elements. Even though it is very well made to do so.

I was able to install it without a single drilled hole or cut wire.
GPS Antenna is magnetically mounted on the side of steel box above the glove box. I suspect this contains the airbag or the gas for it. GPS Locks before I get to the street.

I tried RDR Off and Segmentation. I started seeing Ka Falses. That was completely unacceptable.
Extremely sensitive to moving K Falses. I now must turn TSR ON to reduce those. So basically it's set completely factory.

Only changes from factory settings is, Speed Display and Highway. I may have to run Auto to get rid of more Moving K falses.


Packaging and Hardware was absolutely top notch.

I mounted the Interface on a shelf that the owners manual goes in the Glove Box. This shelf just pops out by pulling on it and gives good access.

I only had to fish wires 1.5 feet from center floor console to glove box and from upper corner of windshield headline to door gasket (6 inches).

Excess wire is tucked under center console for display, control, power, LED, speaker, and speaker power.
Excess wire is tucked over glove box for GPS and Receiver.
There is also excess wire in the overhead console, because there is a 3ft lead to a large connector on the receiver. Those 3 feet stayed up top.

I ran receiver wire into the overhead center console out the front of the headliner.
Then I tucked wire along the headliner to the top of the passenger windshield pillar.
Then I had to fish it to the other side of the pillar.
The door gasket just pulls out going down the pillar.
So I just tucked wire in a slot that was behind the gasket.
A panel on side of dash pops out and you can see holes that go into the glove box.

In the center floor console it's open where the door flips up to.
Panel popped off bottom front of center floor console.
There I could reach connecter on cigarette lighter for switched power.
Getting wire from USB port area (in floor console) to that popped out panel was easy.
Then a fished from their up to the glove box.

I used 2 9500ix Visor Clips double sticky tapped to supplied bracket.
The tape is not holding any weight. Just holds clips from swiveling.
I went to the very end of the clip to minimize cater lever effect on the headliner. That is, I want the lift point closer to the center of gravity of the receiver.
It's very secure and very level.
Just catches top of windshield wiper.
Lens will never get dirty or sand blasted.
It is slightly visible in the right lighting conditions.

It has an excellent view of the road and laser has good view too.
Mounting high is less effective for laser detection, but generally good for radar.

When purchasing I really could not get a sense on how big things were. I supplied extra photos to get an idea.
The control panel was much smaller than expected.
Receiver was smaller than expected (good). It's length and height are smaller than 9500ix. It's much wider though.

I think many Radar tests are not real world. They compromise everything for range.
A real test would include Falses and get points taken off for each false hit.
So who knows how this really performs with all the "Range Killer" features enabled.


More visibly concealed than 9500ix/Max2 mounted the same spot.
Allows optimal placement for GPS Antenna.
Allows optimal placement for controls.
Allows optimal placement for display.
Allows optimal placement for speaker.
Parts can be modularly replaced.
I can remove any component in 5 minutes.
RDD immune.
GPS locks before I get to the street from home or work. 9500ix would take a couple blocks. Max2 wouldn't lock at all, unless on open windshield.
Better range (no real evidence yet though comparing to 9500ix)
Better off axis. That is quite visible.

Cons: I don't expect any of these ever to get fixed. Even though they all could be.

Software bug that randomly skips voice alert. EDIT Correction this is not an issue, it occurs when Smart Mute kicks in (below 20MPH), the Automuted Voice is still an issue though.
Software bug that randomly automutes voice alert.
Software bug that SmartMute should transition all alerts to the appropriate state when crossing the threshold (transition above works, transition going below does not). Exists on 9500ix and Max2 as well.
Beltronics Voice sounds just awful. I may eventually shut it off, but I keep it on because I keep fiddling with settings.
The one button Volume control is awful. The Volume should enable "Volume Mode" then use two buttons to go up or down. Or dedicate another button.

This is trying to show GPS antenna placement. See red arrow. This is looking through the panel that pops off the side of the dashboard at the base of windshield pillar.

My Visor Clips mounted to receiver bracket.

Interface on shelf with Velcro

Close up of controls. Have not finalized LED yet and is taped to speaker.

Driver view of controls.

Driver view of receiver.

Leo's view after being pulled over. Mirror and blackout on windshield blocks view

Front view, sorry for strong reflection. It can be seen with correct lighting.

Passenger view or receiver mounted on headliner

Rear view. See Red Arrow. No lights at night either.
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Old November 10th, 2014
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Gives a good idea of how small interface is.

Gives a good idea of size of receiver next to 9500ix

Gives a good idea of size of receiver next to 9500ix
2015 Jeep GC Overland (w/ BSM & FCW) - V1 with Remote - Big-C - V1Driver iOS App
2011 VW CC - V1 - Big-C - V1Driver iOS App
Check out V1Driver "Instant Replay"

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Old November 18th, 2014
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I made a correction to one of my Cons and upped my overall Rating.
2015 Jeep GC Overland (w/ BSM & FCW) - V1 with Remote - Big-C - V1Driver iOS App
2011 VW CC - V1 - Big-C - V1Driver iOS App
Check out V1Driver "Instant Replay"
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Old March 12th, 2015
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Cool! I like that spot. I use it for my RedLiNe, I also run the STi-R Plus. The good thing about the pluses position, is that it doesn't have a display on the antenna, so it doesn't emit any light to make it known from drivers around you.
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Old March 13th, 2015
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Now buy another one and install it in the grill so you can test antenna positions on performance . Nice install
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