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Old February 20th, 2019
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Default "Check Receiver Wiring" Qi45

If you are having this issue with the Qi45, take a close look at the end of the plug that goes into the antenna. You need to be able to see 8 contacts sticking up, the circuit board has 4 contacts on each side. The method they use is not backed by any spring or tension, so over time and especially if it has been plugged and unplugged, the leads may not make good contact. 4 of the leads have a bend to them and were not the issue, it was the other 4, none of mine were protruding enough to even be seen, let alone make good contact. The end of the plug can be removed, just the small square piece with the 8 groves for the leads. - BE VERY CAREFULL - IT HAS TO COME OFF WITHOUT PULLING OUT THE 8 LEADS. It is snapped in and can be either pried out with a knife or flat head, or just pulled out. Four of the leads have larger heads than the others and you will have to tilt the piece as you pull it off the end. Pay attention to which side the "key" is on in relation to which side the white dot is on. Once I took it off I saw the problem. I slipped the head back on and then I was able to use a straight pin to get under the lead and bend it upward so it was visible and able to make contact with the copper on the board. Once I put it all back together I no longer had the "Check Receiver Wiring" message and took it for a test drive, everything worked, received alerts where expected and thought I was done. Tucked everything back under the dash, tied up the lose wires and locked up. The next day I had no sound upon start up! I didn't want to risk taking the plug apart again so I started to take the unit out from under the dash and it powered on-off-on as I moved the wires for the display unit, turns out I also had a broken solder connection at the phone jack on the circuit everything is back in working order.

15 months without a working unit, not because it is unrepairable or I was unwilling to fork over another $300, but due to poor design!!!

My unit was sent in for repair, in 2017, they said it could not be repaired and would cost over $300 for a replacement, fast forward to 2019 and out of the blue I receive a package from Escort, it is my "unrepairable" antenna with a post it note "replace wire"(They also returned my check for $49 uncashed). I decided that since it was unrepairable I would open it up and take a look inside...that is when I saw that three of the copper contact strips where 25-50% scrapped off. I'm sure this was done at the body shop after I hit a deer and had to have the radiator and grill replaced - they couldn't get the plug in so they forced it, not knowing it had the white dot and key... I went ahead and repaired the strips using a rear window defroster copper strip kit. Plugged it in and nothing, still CRW, that is when I realized I could only see 4 of the 8 leads when I looked at the end of the plug.
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