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Originally Posted by Darkmann View Post
Wow, the 360 is really that good. I know you didn't show the EscortIX in your list. Do you know how the IX compares to the 360 in terms of BSM filtering?
I am not sure since I am not up on what version of updates each model has as far as the IVT filtering. Some are all digital, some a mix, and some analog. I am of the opinion that BSM and CAS filtering should be the highest priority.

Your post just reinforces my opinion on this matter. Instead of bringing back an old outdated detector for the "holiday sales value" get your current models up to standard.

- make sure all newer models have an outstanding IVT filter.
- Make sure the Mac software updates work since the box says so
- Concentrate on timely updates for all current models. (International users too)
- Make the Redline EX the king again
- Tweek some KA range out of the 360 line.

There is so much potential to make the core detectors top notch so the lions share of users will say WOW, Escort is really making some strong detectors these days. Just throwing some thoughts out there.

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I absolutely appreciate your comments Butcher318 and agree that we can improve, and we will.
Originally Posted by Butcher318 View Post
There is so much potential to make the core detectors top notch so the lions share of users will say WOW
I do take issue with this statement. Our core detectors, the MAX line, have no piers in the marketplace if you factor in what the core customer factors in. Things like overall performance, which includes accuracy, feature set and the user experience. All things considered, Escort detectors are unrivaled. The lions share love our detectors, they just aren't regularly participating on radar detector forums.

As opposed to what some would have you think, radar detector performance involves so much more than range. The legendary 9500ix for instance, our most successful radar detector ever and the most expensive detector on the market when it was released, continues to be demanded enough that we cannot stop producing it 9 years later. The 9500ix never won a range shootout, even when it was first introduced. It was regularly disparaged as a nothing by the lions share of vocal forum users, not even as an also-ran, but a nothing. This was very much out of touch with reality. Its performance won over almost everyone that tried it. If we only listened to the range-only crowd, we would have never produced the 9500ix. Tons of money would have been left on the table and we certainly would not be the leading manufacturer of radar detectors in the world.

Our MAX line of detectors are light years ahead of the 9500ix by every measure. They have also been very successful.

Our newest, the MAX 360c, is my favorite windshield mount detector ever. It really is that good. It's an overall very refined experience much like its big brother, the MAX Ci 360. Don't take my word for it though, try it and see for yourself. If its not for you, no worries, return it within 30 days for a full refund. We'll even allow you to make payments on it (even though it isn't specifically shown on the webpage ), call our sales experts at 1-800-964-3138.

Escort Radar customer service is available from 9am-5:30pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608 or by live chat
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