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Old April 15th, 2018
springsman springsman is offline
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So... Looks like the trick is to disconnect the GPS antenna connection from the main Interface box. Now it says that it is shifting. Probably a good idea to have a Sticky about this on the forum.

Thanks to everyone for your help.
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Old April 17th, 2018
jdong jdong is offline
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FWIW, basically every popular laser shifter system nowadays avoid transmitting while your car is stationary or moving at a slow speed. This is both to protect their intellectual property, as well as for the safety of the general public (e.g. to avoid the sensors firing high power IR beams while a human eye is in close range, which is more likely when the car is stopped than when the car is in motion).

It's not really worthwhile to "test" shifting using a tester tool that just shoots beam patterns. As someone who's spent years testing laser shifter systems from many brands, the most important question you want to answer is whether or not the system protects you from real police laser guns in use in your area. That's still something I recommend testing (there are lots of enthusiasts all over the country who would help with that).

I don't think you get a lot out of seeing the screen say shifting with something like the tester you've got.
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