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Old April 10th, 2018
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Default Iowa Officals Warn Of Speed Camera Dangers

Full article at

State government officials say Iowa Department of Transportation must regulate speed cameras as a potential hazard to public safety.

""What we're dealing with is not a physical obstruction [on the highway]," assistant attorney general Richard E. Mull said on Tuesday. "If traffic cameras are creating a pattern of causing motorists to brake suddenly, and causing a pattern of accidents... traffic cameras could come under Section 318 regarding an obstruction."

The high court must determine whether, in the absence of a clear legislative grant of authority, IDOT can regulate the cities' use of photo ticketing devices on highways. The agency insists its general grant of authority over the highway safety covers regulation of the devices and that it would have been far too cumbersome for the legislature to create a line item list of everything IDOT can do to protect safety. Mull cited the example of slamming the brakes near the cameras as a way the devices have created a hazard in Sioux City on Interstate 29.

"The city had placed a mobile traffic camera on the shoulder of the interstate," Mull explained. "And that was struck by a motor vehicle. That would be an instance of a physical obstruction. That certainly was the motivation for several of the minimum safety requirements the DOT is imposing through these administrative rules.""

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