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Default Can't turn off Over Speed alert.

Need help here from the Escort moderator. I recently upgraded my 360 Max CI with the latest firmware to see if I could fix a problem that started out of nowhere. And that was the overspeed alert would constantly come on even if I had the option on "OFF" on the detector as well as on the Escort Live set up. I've tried turning the option on and off, but it still hasn't helped. I upgraded my Detector Tools before upgrading the firmware to see if that would help as well. Nothing is working. Any suggestions would be great.

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Old 6 Days Ago
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Join Date: Mar 2012
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Found my own answer. In the General settings there is a setting for Over Speed Limit Alert. It wasn't off. Bottom line. Shouldn't speed anyway.

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Glad you figured it out!
I use the following Escort Products

Escort Redline EX
Max360c with wifi
M1 Dash cam with both detectors
Escort Live
ZR5 Shifters
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