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Default It Could Be His Lucky Day

Originally Posted by Butcher318 View Post
If the guy was going 100mph he was getting a ticket no matter what. A detector on the dash is the least of his concerns at that point. Since detectors are legal in 49 states in today's day and age of electronics most officers could care ....
That’s true. However, depending on the situation, the ticket may not be for 100 mph. Some LEO would be nice. Of course, a RD in sight may make that leniency less likely. A couple years ago, traffic was laden on the left lane of a 4-lane highway for about 1/2 mile (folks in MD do that a lot). I was on right lane and took off at ~95. An unmarked who was stuck in left lane came after me. He was nice - I believe it ended up being a faulty equipment ticket, meaning no points. It was Christmas time, so he told me Santa was nice to me!

In another case, I was doing, maybe 70/75 in a 55. LEO pulls me over and asks why I was speeding. I told him “no particular reason.” He looks at me with a dumbfounded look and grin and gave me a warning “for being honest,” he said.
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Old 4 Weeks Ago
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Originally Posted by rk101 View Post
around 3 30 am... empty interstate for miles and I was cruising in 20 mile range ( 80-100 mph)
and all the sudden my max 2 turned crazy w/ KA signal, slammed the brake however it was too late.
Pulled over and got nice ticket.
If we put all the moral aside about driving fast, what did i do wrong? why max2 couldn't catch it? Are there any other technology which could catch this?
I think by now you know what happened. I’m curious though - how bad was then ticket? For 100+ mph (that would be felonious in pretty much anywhere in the US) or less?
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Smile Rabbit

When speeding at high speed, be sure to have a rabbit (car) in front of you so he will be the first ALARM (set off detector).

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caught, cop, ka signal, max 2

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