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Old January 20th, 2014
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Default What frequency does the old Stalker ATR use?

So I am always in the market for radar guns for testing. Just ran across a decent deal on a stalker ATR, I know its KA and stalker likes the 34.7 center frequency for their current production units. I have also heard that the ATR used a different center frequency, 34.2 maybe? If anybody knows this info right off it would be appreciated.
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Old January 21st, 2014
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Default What frequency does the old Stalker ATR use?

The ATR was created before Stalker finally settled on 34.7. IIRC, there were 5 different frequencies used before they finally landed on what they use today.

Most are 34.7. Some of the older ones can be 34.2 (I think), 34.7, 34.8, or 35.2. There should be one other one.

I've had 4 ATR's total. Most were 34.7, but one transmits around 34.852. It even has 34.8 written specifically on the horn if you open up the housing so it's not an out of tune 34.7 gun. It's an in tune 34.8 gun.

I think it's only the older stationary guns that transmit at anything other than 34.7. I dunno if they started doing moving mode units before or after they settled on one frequency, but I think that was after.

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34.2, 34.7, atr, radar, stalker

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