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Old September 26th, 2019
flylow7f39 flylow7f39 is offline
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Default Cincinnati, Ohio Officials Working To Overturn Voter Will On Speed Cameras

Full article at

Cincinnati, Ohio politicians are using taxpayer resources to overturn the public vote banning red light and speed cameras.

"Members of the city council in Cincinnati, Ohio, have been trying to install speed cameras for more than a decade. Their plans were thwarted eleven years ago when residents learned of the council's plan and circulated a petition eleven years ago that stripped the city council of the power to deploy automated ticketing machines. Voters endorsed that plan at the ballot box, adding the photo enforcement prohibition to the city charter. Now members of the city council are once again expending public resources to bypass the voters."


"The last time that a photo ticketing company worked with Cincinnati politicians, there was bribery involved. John P. Raphael, the Ohio lobbyist for Redflex Traffic Systems, was convicted and imprisoned for his role in the Australian red light camera company's corruption scheme. He admitted that he solicited bribes to entice city councilmen in Columbus and Cincinnati to endorse automated ticketing, but he refused to turn against the politicians he had influenced with campaign donations that were laundered through Raphael's friends, family members and business contacts.

City councilman Greg Landsman, who was elected after the scandal, held a "pedestrian safety" townhall earlier this month that was designed to promote an effort to overturn the photo ticketing ban. The request for information from photo ticketing companies acknowledged that the city charter must be changed before cameras could be installed."
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Old September 26th, 2019
tecboy tecboy is offline
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Another fine example of a member of Cincinnati City Clowncil....
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Old October 19th, 2019
selersanthony selersanthony is offline
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Are they serious? I believe that this can not be avoided anyway.
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