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Old March 6th, 2018
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Default Blue tooth connected but still issues

Edit* Looks like a firmware update came out for the redline Ex today (1.4). (Had to factory reset after update as database wouldnt ,erge - now successful)
Seems like this has fixed connectivity issues somewhat (still getting the below) but can at least get it to show the "-- KM" indicating it has EL live connection 50% of the time if i startup the RD first (give a about 15s), then start blue tooth on phone (its the only device paired), start EL and wait for it to automatically connect (takes about 30s).

Will keep testing over the next few days and will update with findings..

Original Issue:
Wondering if anybody else is having the same issue.
I pair my phone (samsung j2) through bluetooth to my redline ex and it shows the blue connected icon on the radar detector and it all seems fine yet-
If I try to update settings in "radar detector settings" tab its hit and miss whether the update gets sent to the RD e.g. swapping between auto and highway will sometimes do nothing, sometimes it will update (phone shows paired and the RD shows blue icon).
If I cycle bluetooth I sometimes get the "RD initialising message" which sometimes resolves, but not always.

Even more interesting if I remove the RD from the device list and then pair again, it pairs (but then no blue icon on RD just --KM, strangely enough THIS IS WHEN IT WORKS FINE???? Any updates on phone occur immediately on the RD) but mostly i get the connected blue icon and weird behaviour e.g. no alert on phone or really late)

I also often go into RD settings and all i get is "General" and another bar but no settings under these tabs (fixed so far by re-installing ELIVE) but I still dont trust the bluetooth pairing at all.

Extra info - I'm powering RD with the standard SmartCord (not live).
I see the latest version has coding specific to Bluetooth, any chance this isnt working as intended? Can i go back a version?

Have tried all the possible options of restart phone/dis(en)able bluetooth/remove+pairing again with RD device.

I'm loving the RD but the Live app is a real disappointment so far.
If it shows connected in the app and the icon is blue on RD it should be working alas it seems when the blue icon is missing and it displays --KM (no speed info for NZ roads?) is the only time its truly "paired"
*Edit - extra info: it seems to ignore the initial change in setting (first time) subsequent changes are sent to RD (if working, otherwise the app setting updates but the RD doesnt).
Alerts (Kband) seem to show on phone with about 30s AFTER the RD starts beeping.
Also phone was still showing an alert on the screen for also approx 15-30s after radar no longer registered.

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