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Old January 17th, 2017
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Default Direct Wire Smartcord Fail - Via Add A Fuse

I added the direct wire setup to my Ford Focus ST without a problem last year. My wife has a 2016 Ford Edge and I tried using the same setup on her truck but it seems that perhaps the legs of add a fuse are not long enough to make contact and I get no power to my detector. The fuse box is in a ridiculous location up inside the driver dash. Anyone else have a problem similar to this or any suggestions? I really do not want to splice wires to get this thing working.
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Old January 17th, 2017
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1. I have not heard of extra length fuses. I'd just pull and existing fuse to check its length to be sure (even though it's a pain to reach, it will give you a definitive answer).
2. Are you sure that you have the requisite 2 fuses in the add-a-circuit (assuming that is what you are using) and not just 1, and that you have the right size add-a-circuit? The pulled fuse above should fit in the add-a-circuit to confirm this.
3. Are you sure the circuit you are trying to tap is directly controlled by the ignition switch and not the car's computer (which might add a delay or control the voltage)? And, did you test the fuse slot with a voltmeter in both off/on positions to confirm this operation? If you are using a blank fuse slot this is especially important as they might not all be powered.

I know it can be a pain in these newer vehicles to deal with these items (I had a similar issue) but it's still better that cutting into a line. Also, did you check the owner's manual to see if you might have a secondary fuse buss inside the vehicle that might be easier to access? Also did you try flipping the add-a circuit 180 degrees?

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Old July 8th, 2017
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If you have a powered mirror you can just get the pigtail and splice into that wiring very easily. The pigtails also are fused.
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