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Default Life span of a 9500IX

Iím curious what is the life expectancy of the 9500? I got mine back in 2009 and it is still bouncing happyon my windshield. Working fine as far as I can tell. Do they loose sensitivity over time? Thanks guys!
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er95 er95 is offline
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Wow, 9 years! Awesome!

If I recall correctly, I had my first 9500ix for 6 years?? Then got a second one for a second vehicle for 2-3 years. Maybe once or twice a year I got an error message that said service required on the first one. I just pulled and reapplied power and it would work again. I’d probably still be driving with my 9500ix if it wasn’t for IVT K-band falses...

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Using mine since January 2010. Still works fine.
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