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Old May 29th, 2018
Smitty23 Smitty23 is offline
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Default Any of you guys still use the Smart Radar? if not, what did you upgrade to?

I haven't upgraded yet due to money. i know this device is pretty old. It still works for me though.
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Old May 30th, 2018
DaveJB DaveJB is offline
Join Date: May 2014
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I'm still using it from having purchased it many years ago, though it's for a stealth install on my motorcycle. It saved my sport-bike-bacon once with range that must have been miles, out on a very wide open highway. We were about to do a high speed run when it wailed a Ka band alert. It seems like it took minutes but then a sheriff going in the opposite direction passed by. Actually, having it on my bike has saved me more than once. So, thank you Escort.

It does bark a bit when around Acuras but the lockout function actually works well for filtering out blind spot monitoring - though I suppose that could be in my head and maybe I'm accidentally giving credit to the Smart Radar for algorithms that are in use only in my Max 360.

I bought a Max 360 for my car. I have have an Escort X80 sitting here waiting to be put up for sale though.

What I'm trying to say is that, as you may have already found and read about, the Smart Radar was well-loved in the community for a good reason.
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Old July 29th, 2018
Sincity Sincity is offline
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I purchased my first one many years ago and still in use in that car. I recently found a new sealed one on eBay and installed it on my new vehicle. I know they are not as sensitive as the newer RDs, however, I like that it is a semi-custom unit.
Redline and Smartradar x2

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