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Default 360c Construction alerts muted But Live App still giving audio alerts

Driving between Biloxi and Houston there are at least two dozen K band construction signs. The 360c has auto muted them all by now but the Live App keeps turning down my tunes and telling me there are K band alerts.
Even if I mute the Live App on its front "Map" page, it still turns down the volume each time the app would regularly be giving the alert.

Driving in Louisiana is bad enough to make a priest go postal, I don't need my $600 radar detector making it worse.

I've resorted to turning off the Live App for a major portion of my bi monthly drive to Houston due to the aggravation.

Unfortunately, certain municipalities in Louisiana are still using K band, as I found out yesterday while my Live App was turned off, so I don't think filtering is much of an option.

Is there a way to get the Live App to stop messing with my listening enjoyment when the 360c has already stored and muted false alerts, while still allowing the necessary radar and Live App alerts to be audible?
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Old 3 Weeks Ago
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Does the app still give you a "lock out" option? If so try and locking it out again with the app.
I use the following Escort Products

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