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Old 3 Weeks Ago
adamcb adamcb is offline
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Default FW Update v.1.0 completely bricked my new detector


Pretty frustrated new owner here. I tried to update my detector (that I purchased end of July 2019) to the new firmware (v.1.10) today after it notified me on-screen. Device has been working great for the past month and a half.

Update went thru the "'preparing" and "installing" cycle got into a loop where it said it was erasing 1/2 a file and then power cycling. It did this for well over 30 minutes.

So before I unplugged I called support and Dominique had me download Detector Tools onto my Mac and re-run the firmware update there. It appeared to work. Appeared...

But when we went to plug it into the car power, it went into the same FIRMWARE UPDATE - ERASING 1/2 PROGRAMMING 1/2 loop. Nothing could get it out.

So, I now have a 2 month old $650 brick. That was working fine before the update attempt. I'm heading on a cross-country trip to Kansas on Monday morning. Dominique was as helpful as he could be, but they would not do an exchange or anything before we heard from the engineers.

So frustrated. Updates should just work. Period. And when they don't work, you should be able to use Defender Tools (or something like that) to reset them.

Now (at best) I will send my two-month old new detector in and wait several weeks for a repair. It is what it is, but for $650 my expectations are higher. Am I being unreasonable?

Does anyone know anything else I can try? Any other factory update secrets (other than the standard one)? I don't have the funds to go out and buy another detector for this 12-hour drive on Monday. And nothing to lose as this one is already bricked.


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Old 3 Weeks Ago
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The Only Sarge The Only Sarge is offline
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Factory reset it Adam.
7 decades of hauling butt...................
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Old 3 Weeks Ago
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I successfully updated my 360c with firmware v1.10. Kindly say how you updated yours. I haven't read any issues on the forum.


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Old 3 Weeks Ago
mtime mtime is offline
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It sounds like you first updated to V1.10 using Mac Detector Tools, then when you plugged into your vehicle the detector tried to auto update again via WIFI. Perhaps this wifi update stopped partway through and got corrupted. I would try the factory reset as previously suggested and/or connect your detector to your Mac and do a manual firmware install.
Hopefully that will get your detector working again. Hope this helps
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Old 3 Weeks Ago
adamcb adamcb is offline
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Thanks for the reply here. Here's the order of what happened:

1) I got the notification on the detector of a FW update (yes/no) via wifi in my garage;
2) I selected yes (+) and it proceeded to go thru the preparing/installing;
3) About 20-30 minutes in, it began to cycle on an "erasing 1/2" "programming 1/2" loop, with a power cycle each time. Each time it would come up on-screen with FIRMWARE UPDATE and then this loop;
4) I let it do this for about another 30 or so minutes, not wanting to unplug or reset (knowing you shouldn't mess with a FW update.)
5) I called Escort support. We tried the MRK-BRT and MRK-BRT-POWER resets but it wouldn't do anything. The screen kept up with its loop mentioned in #3 no matter what we pressed.
6) We unplugged/replugged and cycled, wouldn't get out of the loop;
7) Came inside and tried to update FW with Detector Tools via USB. It appeared to work and said successful, but when we went back to DC power - same FIRMWARE UPDATE Erasing 1/2 loop.

So, if there is "another" factory reset (other than MRK-BRT-Power), please let me know - willing to try anything.

Appreciate everyone's help. Escort has sent me a label to send it back for repair, but that won't help me for my cross-country trip on Monday. Detector was working great before the 1.10 update attempt.


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Old 3 Weeks Ago
poolmon poolmon is offline
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You should send it back.
It sounds like it's stuck on the install. If DT successfully downloaded the new firmware onto the RD, it still requires the unit be plugged into 12 volts to complete/finalize the installation. It looks like that last step is looped as it should only take seconds at that point.
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