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Old August 29th, 2018
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So you bought from an unauthorized 3rd party and now your unhappy you have no warranty. Their policy is very clear on this. Many electronics company's/products work this way.
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Old August 29th, 2018
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Originally Posted by mikesmikes View Post
Just sent this email to customer support....

Please remove my registration with all products that is associated with Mike or Michael Sweetser. As a USA company I or for that respect all Americans deserve a satisfied, buying or having a product that you produce. Your corporate office needs to review the **** poor part about not buying from you or say a best buy. Your service representative Mike taking my call on 8/29/18 around 11:00 am was lack for a better word disappointing. If I buy your product brand new from a 3rd party and register it on your site and is defective you should take the product and inspect it and go from there. Not saying its not your policy because I did not purchace from you or bestbuy. If after your inspection you find that it has fake parts then it would be right to say that I as a consumer would have to eat it.
I will never in my Lifetime buy or recommend your products!! Your customer support reminds me of 3rd world country’s service. Thank you for leaving a bad taste in my mouth!! I have been loyal advocate for the escort brand for over 30 years and it felt like your employee Mike was mocking me, I can see why as I troll the various forums that you guys are loosing your base….. Good luck.
As I said in the beginning please undo the registrations of your products
The escort x50, the escort passport, and the brand spanking new IX.
Now we will see how long it takes for a response to this very serious problem…
Escort's official policy has been publicly avalable for a long time. In short, if a product is purchased thru an unauthorized reseller, the warranty is void.

This is also stated in the Passport IX Owner's Manual:

Warranty exclusions: This warranty does not apply to your product under any of the following conditions:
  1. The serial number has been removed or modified.
  2. Your product has been subjected to misuse or damage (including water damage, physical abuse, and/or improper installation).
  3. Your product has been modified in any way.
  4. Your receipt or proof-of-purchase is from a non-authorized dealer or internet auction site, including E-bay, U-bid, or other non-authorized resellers.
  5. You are not the original purchaser of the Product from an authorized dealer or did not receive it as a gift from the original purchaser of the Product from an authorized dealer.
This type of policy isn't unique to Escort. For example, most camera and videocam makers have the same policy. If you were to purchase a FujiFilm camera thru the gray market or from a non-authorized reseller, its warranty is void.

If you have a warranty claim, I'm afraid that your only recourse is to try to work with the merchant from whom it was purchased.


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Old August 30th, 2018
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First we should clarify something. We certainly service and support our products. We offer support on our products for far longer than most other consumer electronics companies. I believe your contention with us is whether or not we cover your product under warranty.

Our factory warranty only covers the original purchase of the product. We do not consider the purchase from an unauthorized seller as the original purchase of the product. The product could have been purchased before and resold. This limitation of our warranty is stated in the manuals of our products and on our website.

We have found used products sold as new, damaged products sold as new, and counterfeit products sold on online marketplaces. There is nobody checking items sold by a third party on online marketplaces to ensure that they are new (the original purchase). For instance, you can sell anything you want on these marketplaces immediately and describing it however you like without the owner of the marketplace ever inspecting your goods. These online marketplaces are a lot like flea markets, except that large retailers and manufacturers (including us) are selling on them too.

Escort Radar customer service is available from 9am-5:30pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608 or by live chat

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