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Old May 6th, 2009
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Default Red Light Camera Companies Exploit Victims to Push Florida Law

Victim groups promoting photo enforcement legislation in Florida are bankrolled by red light camera companies

"Redflex is active in supporting legislation with the USA market to promote the benefits of photo enforcement to improve public safety through the National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running and lobby efforts in specific states," the Australian traffic camera company explained in a 2005 filing with the Australian Securities Exchange. One of the National Campaign's early strategies was to solicit victims of tragic accidents that could be used as tools to advance their corporate legislative agenda. This plan sought to gather such victims into a "Survivor Advocate Network."

Insurance companies stand to benefit directly from expanding the scope of automated enforcement because photo tickets carry points in several states, including California. Take Elk Grove as an example. Last year, a pair of red light cameras in the city dished out 9,364 tickets worth $426 split between the city, state and Redflex. Ninety-six percent of the violations, according to the Sacramento Bee, did not actually involve red light running, but rather turning right on red. Nonetheless, each ticket recipient received a point on his license and three years of higher insurance payments.

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