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Old November 20th, 2010
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Angry New York coerces guilty pleas on traffic violations

My daughter just got robbed by this change in the "law".


Prior to this, any motorist could mail in a 'not guilty' plea in lieu attending a hearing and receive a notice in the mail to make (1) appearance for trial.

Not can still mail in your not guilty plea, but it now takes a minimum of (2) appearances in court to fight your ticket! The 1st appearance is a mandatory pre-trial conference where the prosecutor and judge will work you over to coerce a guilty plea to a lesser charge. You are warned that if you do not accept their "conditions", that no leniency will be show at trial which they will inconveniently schedule for another date.

Obviously, many motorist (like my daughter) are willing to make the arrangements to fight a BS citation (as she did in this case) but cannot afford the time off work (and considerable travel in her case) to make the 2nd appearance. Therefore she took the slimy deal for $100.

What a crock! We had this one beat easily..........the officer who issued the speeding ticket did not provide the long form deposition that was requested, ie. they had insufficient evidence to prosecute the case in trial.
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Old November 20th, 2010
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It always basically worked like this, i guess just as not official.

I would always go in for the ticket and unless i went with the plea or the judge made some other decision i would need to return to court for an official trial.

I guess now if you might win they wont even bother throwing it out, they just make you come back for an official trial.

This will be short lived once they see how much money its going to cost them and how long it will take to set up a trial.
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Old November 22nd, 2010
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It just proves that Justice has a price
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