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Default Passport Max

Hi guys I have a a Passport Max with a serial number starting with 58...will this update fix the Bluetooth issue?
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Your Passport Max does not have bluetooth in it. If you have been using Escort Live with your Passport Max then you must be using a SmartCord Live with it. If the SmartCord Live cord is having connection issues with your iPhone recently then it will need to be updated. To update the SmartCord Live cord you will need to connect it to your computer using a data transfer USB A/Mini B cable and run our Detector Tools for Windows software. Connect the cord to your computer using only the small mini USB jack on the cord's barrel, not the large charging USB jack on its face.

If you need further assistance, while you are trying to update the cord please call our customer service department at the number in my signature below.

Escort Radar customer service is available from 9am-5:30pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608 or by live chat
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Hi guys. Used the forum to update my Max 2 and found this thread helpful. I had the same problem as the other user who posted about Max 2 not updating, reinstalled detector tools and still kept failing. Took the advice of another forum member and turned off antivirus, reopened detector tools, connected detector and started by merging my info with Escorts database on the main screen. This was successful. Then I moved to the advanced tab and selected to update all software to current versions and it worked. Max 2 updated. Havnt tried to use Bluetooth yet but I’m confident it will now work. Whether it was the antivirus or merging first which made it work they are both worth a try if there are any issues updating a max 2. Thanks guys. Happy speeding.
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Default Smartcord live 2

Originally Posted by TBNTX View Post
I have both a Max 2 and a Max 360, and I used BootCamp running Windows 10 on a MacBook Pro. I used the "Update All" in the Advanced menu and both detectors updated successfully and worked fine.

Asking you which Detector you are trying to update, because you mentioned using an EL SmartCord.

The DT Pro version is only intended to be used with the Max Ci, Max Ci 360, the RedLine EX and the Passport S75. It should not be used with any previous models.
I re-installed Detector Tools after removing Pro and last Detector Tools installation. Brought the laptop to the car. Ran the installation, it installed 2 new files and said complete. Tested the connection by pairing bluetooth selected 'headset' - connected. . . turned off car. Turned on car without forgetting device on iPhone (as I have been doing since iOS11 update, got connected automatically. Happy it worked, but I am still disappointed with the way escort played the "blame game" instead of just doing beta testing with iOS 11 and being proactive in correcting the problem.
Thanks to all those that posted their expieriences with these connection issues, every little tidbit of info from everyone helps.

Windows 10
iOS 11.3 on iPhone 6s
Escort Live app
Smartcord Live 2
Redline Detector


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