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Originally Posted by BagNDrag View Post
Hi ER,

Just curious if you have been able to reproduce the issue with those particular units? Thanks in advance.

Not yet

Escort Radar customer service is available from 9am-5:30pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608 or by live chat
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Default Max 360 lockup during shutdown

Occasionally, my unit will appear to lockup during shutdown when my car is parked. I get "powering down" when I push the on/off button, but the unit stays in that mode. Since it only happens occasionally, it is not a major annoyance; I just disconnect the cord on the detector and the problem goes away.

Otherwise, I'm very happy with the 1.6 update. I live in a large metropolitan area, and have plenty of warning and no BSM triggers. I run Auto with TSR turned on.
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Originally Posted by JFJr View Post
Otherwise, I'm very happy with the 1.6 update. I live in a large metropolitan area, and have plenty of warning and no BSM triggers. I run Auto with TSR turned on.
I'm assuming you mean plenty of warning with Ka band and not K-band? K-band with Auto on and TSR on is borderline dangerous and ticket worthy from independent testing on 1.6 - hence the unit being quiet for you! Highway with TSR Off is 'ok'.
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Originally Posted by Flywheel View Post
I held off for a while and finally updated last week since I have my Max2 to fall back on.

In my limited experience, there is not much of a difference in performance.

I have not had the lock-up issue. I have passed a number of LEOs and it seems to pick them up with plenty of time.

I have reviewed all the forums and it appears that the independent testing is going ok.

The only thing I see missing in this update - is the tremendous positive feedback and endorsements from some of the superusers. I think initially there was some doubts about the update as far as performance goes, but that seems to have been proven out that there is little performance difference. The filtering seems to work fine.

The only thing I worry about is the "sleepiness" of the detector. I have read some reports where it goes from quiet to full when it is an obvious C/O situation.

The reports of the lockup - well - I have seen my Max2 lockup before....I am not too worried as I have not seen this yet on mine.

The issue with Auto - well - I have never used Auto.

I think the only thing I have seen since the release of the new rev, is the overall enthusiasm on this forum of the product and the new filtering.

I bought the unit to drive with, not troubleshoot, but I rely on the forums to see he interaction between the superusers and the company and see how that real0time feedback is incorporated into future updates.

frequent updates are key, and I think a lot of folks were really put off but the long wait for the IVT rev and then underwhelmed by what seemed to be glitches and performance reductions initially.

I would update it at this time as there do not appear to be any HUGE GLARING issues and I am not expecting an update anytime soon, unfortunately.

Updates are what keeps the superusers engaged and keep the product on top. If there are no updates, independent testing stops and people move on to focus on whatever else new has come out. Even an update to tweak the Auto mode or the sensitivity would go a LOOONG way to show that there is continuous work being done to improve the product and listen to the customers.

Go ahead and update it.

Thanks for the helpful feedback!

It would be nice if additional longtime users (Vortex, BelscortFan, Veil Guy and a host of others I do not have time to name) or more users come forward to report their experiences with the new 1.6 firmware, especially if positive.
It seems negative reports are predominant at the moment, which may be mostly, as Larry said, that people are more inclined to post if they experience issues than if all is well. That being said super users have been good about sharing their experiences to the benefit of others.
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