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Old August 9th, 2018
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Default Ohio Attorney General Defends Anti-Speed Camera Law

Full article at

Ohio attorney general battles Toledo over whether the legislature can cut state funding from cities that refuse to limit speed camera use.

"In court filings Tuesday, the city of Toledo insisted it had the right to whatever it pleases when it comes to speed cameras. Not so, DeWine's office countered.

Toledo's complaint turns on whether the city is being 'penalized' by the set off law, which directs how local governmnet fund monies are to be distributed to municipalities," assistant attorney general Nicole M. Koppitch wrote. "But Toledo's argument ignores the reality that Toledo has no vested right to a particular distribution of state funds. The General Assembly's enactment of the set off law is well within its legislative spending authority."

The city attorney insisted that Toledo has home rule powers that shield the photo radar program from legislative interference, a view partially bolstered by an Ohio Supreme Court ruling in 2017 that rejected some of the limits that the legislature attempted to impose (view ruling). The state countered that the high court could only object to the way in which the limits were imposed, and lawmakers learned their lesson this time."
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