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Old August 15th, 2018
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Default Defender subscription update process

Just updated my subscription over the weekend and was wondering about how "manual" the subscription process is, meaning is a live person involved with enabling the subscription or is it all automated?

As I said, I re-subbed this weekend (Friday PM but after close of business Escort-time) and received what was most likely an automated order confirmation email. On Monday I received an email with my new subscription code. I'm assuming that on Monday someone received an email saying I had paid for a sub and they had to manually go into one or more databases to create my code. Then, Tuesday I tried to enter that code with my detector serial number and the response was that it would be 30+ minutes before the sub would be active. This was again after close of business Escort-time. Sure enough, Detector Tools still told me my sub had expired. I tried it again a couple hours later and it was still expired. This morning (6AM MDT) I tried again and the sub was active. I'm guessing someone again received an email saying I've paired my new sub with my detector and had to go into one or more databases to enable that access.

Can you verify that the subscription process is a manual process on Escort's side and is not fully automated? Thanks!
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