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Old January 14th, 2020
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Default Important Question Re: Defender/GPS & Escort Live App


Today my Redline EX INTL (I am in Australia) failed to notify me of 3 fixed cameras, upon checking the Escort Live app they are definitely marked there. So the question is this, given this information is not readily available or clear to me anywhere...

- Does the Defender download to the actual unit cover fixed cameras etc in Australia? By all indications it does not?

- And further from the above, assuming the Escort Live App is required to be bluetooth linked for realtime Australian fixed camera locations, if the unit fails to Bluetooth connect, or there is lag or other issues from the Escort Live app, how do we know if such an issue exists and we have no safety net running for these cameras?

This is all really unclear, all I can say is it failed to warn me of 3 fixed cameras today that are marked on the app, so either it had dropped link or wasnt linked - maybe a GPS only indicator/icon/something on the display might help, assuming Defender DOESN'T work for Australia?>

If Defender DB does work for Australia on International version, then this unit outright failed :\

All latest FW/db. Thanks for any input/advice/info!

EDIT: Above cameras working today using unit only GPS with app not connected. App is **** and rarely works for me, use the inbuilt db (although see my other thread it is also NOT working fully) and don't even bother connecting the app in AU. I've even seen instances where the GPS on the app is not even working, location is frozen/static.

Last edited by Asgard2005; January 14th, 2020 at 11:54 PM. Reason: specify Australia/INTL clearly.
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