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Old June 22nd, 2018
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Default Effectiveness of ZR5 against DragonEye Laser guns?

From Vortex Radar website:

Is it correct about the effectiveness against DragonEye, noted below?

Escort ZR5 Cons:
No ability to automatically disable your jammers after a set period of time
Escort has been oppositional towards its customer base in terms of important issues and critical updates
Currently limited to just 2 heads per side of your vehicle
Not as effective against the toughest DragonEye gun versions ?
Not as effective against older laser guns

Does not identify which gun you’re being shot with
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Old June 26th, 2018
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Wow, that is very incorrect information.

From top to bottom:

Oppositional against our customer base? That is conveniently vague. We are the only detector manufacturer with a forum and a Facebook page.
I can only speak to our forum which I manage. I can say that everyone who has been banned from our forum first received a warning for their offending behavior. Only if they continued their offensive behavior were they shown the door.

You can mount 4 ZR5 sensors up front if you wish. Just be sure to make the correct DIP switch adjustments on the interface, which is covered in the installation manual. Only ZW5 is limited to two front sensors.

I have personally tested my vehicle against many old laser guns and new guns including DragonEye with it in and out of ECCM mode (a white car with a front license plate which should be hard to jam) and it jammed all to gun with only 2 sensors. When properly installed ZR5/MAX Ci/ZW5 sensors are very effective against all laser guns that are currently on the market.

Escort Radar customer service is available from 9am-5:30pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608 or you can fill out a repair form and we will contact you.
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Old June 26th, 2018
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I've installed the ZW5 on my vehicle and I can tell you they work. I live near an area of town where motorcycle cops consistently use laser and my ZW5 goes off all of the time and I have yet to be stopped. That being said, I do wish it announced the gun for the simple fact of knowing if they are using newer technology or not.

I've owned many different Escort RD's prior to purchasing the ZW5 and they have ALWAYS been great about continuously updating their systems. I went with Escort over ALP for the simple reason that Escort is very consumer facing and transparent with their information. As stated above, they share on their forum so you can always be up-to-date in in the know of what is going on with R&D and what updates you have available.
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Old June 26th, 2018
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Thank you for responding Larry.

The question is not whether it is or is not effective at all, but rather whether it is more or less effective than the competition. I've had a chance to test several ShifterMax/ZR5 installs and I agree with you that it is effective in many instances. It's a big step up from your previous products, the ZR4 and LSP. In fact I even recommend the ZW5 on my website and wouldn't do so if the product was ineffective.

Now whether it is more or less effective than the competition in terms of jamming capabilities, that's another question. There's lots of points we could address such as how effective it is against the newest versions of the DragonEyes and how frequently you release updates (not all versions are created equal as you know), how many heads are supported in total (only 2 or 4 as you said, which limits your total surface area you can protect both front and rear and thus the degree of protection a customer can receive), and so on.

Regarding older guns, I've tested a Model S with a Max Ci with two heads up front and it struggled to achieve JTG performance against my boring old PL3, giving me consistent PT's inside of 200 feet, even with the two heads focused close to the center or the vehicle and me aiming right for the front plate which told me there was no issue with the heads being too far away from the target areas to see the lidar beam. Conversely, on another dual setup on an SUV it was consistently JTG against the same gun. This points to the possibility of the issue being related to the jamming algorithm used, not due to an insufficient number of heads for complete coverage. It's experiences like these that lead me to the conclusions that I make and they are explained in more detail on my site. There's more to it than a simple black and white discussion as to whether or not a product is effective and leaving it at that. If we wanted to oversimplify things then yes, I'd agree with you that your product is quite effective at helping people avoid tickets from laser.

You do bring up a good point that you can do 4 heads up front (with zero in the rear) with the ZR5 so I updated my website to clear that up. Thank you. (That whole article could use a quick update, speaking of which.)

Thanks for the point about the ZW5 being limited to two heads as well. I'm about to shoot a quick video showing people how to hook everything up and I was wondering about that. The bridge box has cables supporting up to 4 heads, but there's rubber caps over ports 3 and 4 so I was hoping we could buy two more heads and plug them in to run 4 heads up front.
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Old July 4th, 2018
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the main issue MAX Ci/ZR5/ZW5 has is it only has 4 ports for 4 sensors. So if you choose to put 4 sensors in front, then yes, you will defend your front against Dragoneye but what if 5 miles down the road anothe cop tries to clock you from the rear, then you are toasted. If you choose to go with 3 front / 1 rear, then you will still defend the front but rear shots will be punch through city due to only 1 head defending the rear and acting as a receiver only.
If you go with 2 front/2 rear, a shot on-axis in perfect conditions can still be jam to gun but once you move on the side of the road as police officers usually do (not standing in the middle of the road) then you get punch through city on a transmitter side.
1 head acts as a receiver and other one acts as a transmitter, same pattern as their main competitor which has an option for 6+ sensors with 1 controller.
Video just proves 2 heads (where 1 receives only, and other one transmits only) is not good enough today against Dragoneye in ECCM mode.
On axis shot produces jam to gun while I was standing in the middle of the road, but once I moved to the side and targeted drivers headlight it was punch through city caz drivers side was a transmitter side. I assume I would get better protection on a passenger side due to the fact passenger side on this vehicle was a receiver side so MAX Ci would see every pulse and would be able to defend but how can you know which side an officer will choose to shoot.
Thats why a 3 front/3 rear is essential to get full coverage. It seems Escort Ci/ZR5/ZW5 users will have to wait for quite long time since there is no Bridgebox 6 ports on a horizon yet per EscortRadar Larry.

Escort Radar, please for the sake of drivers with your system, implement a 4 seconds autokill firmware upgrade. Im reading on different forums how ppl jam to gun police officers caz they dont know any better. They think Escort MAX Ci/ZR5/ZW5 are shifters and not jammers so Escort products actually shift the beam away from their vehicles and not jamming it so they can actually blow through a speed trap and get away in court caz their system is not a jammer but a shifter which is not true.

Last edited by BaileyAB; July 4th, 2018 at 06:30 PM.
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