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Old July 8th, 2018
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Default Strictest And Most Lenient States on Speeding and Reckless Driving

Full article at

"Some states are tougher on speeding and reckless drivers than others. To find out which states take the hardest line on dangerous driving behavior, WalletHub compared driving laws in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The results and our detailed methodology – along with expert commentary – can be found below."

"Nearly three quarters of the states and DC have “absolute” speed limits, which means that exceeding the limit is enough evidence for a conviction. But about 26 percent of the states leave room for interpretation with “prima facie” laws — or a “mixed” combination of absolute and prima facie rules — allowing speeders to argue in court that their speed was in fact reasonable."
"Personal finance website WalletHub said Washington is first among U.S. states where speeding is automatically considered reckless driving, seventh in average cost increase of insurance after one speeding ticket, and 10th for minimum jail time for a first reckless-driving offense.

In Washington, a first-time reckless driving conviction could result in a year in jail, a $5,000 fine and a suspended license."


"WalletHub also found that insurance rates rise an average 18.5 percent in Washington after one speeding ticket.

Traffic citations for speeding alone start at $105 and rise to $423."


"Hagen said car insurance agents look at a three-year driving history and also take into account the driver's credit score and length of time the client has held a policy with the company.

"What it's going to depend on is how fast you were going over the limit," Hagen said. "Anything 16 (mph) and over is where agents are going to ding you little higher.""

I-90 Aviation Speed Emphasis June 2017
Washington State Patrol
Published on Jun 22, 2017

How Washington State Patrol catches speeding cars from the air
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