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Old July 26th, 2018
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Default Enough of the hostility towards escort - grow up ppl

I've been using internet forums since the early 00's, for cars, motorcycles etc. I've read probably 100's of thousands of posts and have at least 14,000 posts of my own between all of the forums. So I have every right to opine that the users on this forum are so f-ing hostile to and about Escort products. I am so sorry to you moderators and for once, I feel for a company, Escort.

I've been using Escort products since the early 90's. In terms of performance and value, AND offering many choices in their product line, they're the best. Period. Is every product perfect right out of the box every time? No, but what company's products are? I use Sena bluetooth products for my motorcycle headsets. Have they released some stuff that's a little buggy? Sure, but they fix it. Ever heard of Microsoft? Companies are full of humans and humans aren't perfect. Having said that, Microsoft is really stinking it up lately with their Win 10 updates and need to get their crap together, but I digress.

I'll say this, when blind spot monitoring started coming around on K band, wow, what a disaster for radar detector makers. It took time, but both my new Max II and my Max 360 are now virtually silent on my 25 minute daily commute. Damned impressive I'd say. Well done Escort. Anyone still using one of the other big brand RD's? LOL. Have fun with those on your city commute.

Lighten up people.
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